5 Essential Nursery Items


The first question will be if a newborn baby and or a baby in the first few years needs his or her own room. How much time is the baby going to be in there? Not that much I presume; the baby will be where you are, so this list can be a short one.



My top 5 Questions I would ask myself are:

1. Where is the baby going to sleep? more on safe baby sleep here

2. Where is the baby going to be during the day?

In the same bed, crib, moses basket  or in a special day bed?A baby bouncer is maybe not advisable for the first 3 months but after that time it will be possible.

3. Where are we going to change the baby?

On a changing table or on the bed/sofa?

4.Will we need a baby bath?

Some might say yes, some might say no. If you have a bath tub you can bathe the baby in there, which means more waste water for the environment than maybe necessary. I have met parents who showered with their little babies from the start..

5.How are we going to transport the baby outside? In a buggy/stroller/push chair, sling or any wearing device.

Combined then there is often this question:

Do we need a car seat if we do not own a car?

Maybe we have to rephrase the question in:

How often are you going to use the car? If you answer this with every day, yes, then it makes sense to own a car seat, but if you answer and say I haven’t sat in a car in years, I guess the answer might be no.


Taxis in Berlin have car seats, you just have to ask for one. You can also borrow car seats from a car rental and some car sharing services offer car seats too.

You see, there isn’t maybe as much as we think  necessary to have and I bet, you will end up with more than these things, but this is okay too.

Did I miss out on some essential baby things? What did you find important and what is worth mentioning?

Please let me know.

Le meas,


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