10 Reasons Why It Might Be A Good Idea To Join A Antenatal Class

Is it really important to join an antenatal class?

Yes, in my opinion, it is. This is my short answer. So I sat down and put a few points together which shall explain to you why it is a good idea to join an antenatal class.
 ( Antenatal class is the medical term for Birth Preparation Class, we should actually rather use this term.)
 1. If you are English speaking and come from a different health system background it might be very beneficial for you to learn more about the German system.
2. To make an informed decision on what you want and need during birth you need to know what is out there.
3. Studies show that women who are in fear are more likely to experience more pain. If I know what is going on I do not need to be fearful.
4. It’s a great way to meet people that are in the exact same situation/ giving birth around the same time
5. It gives you and your partner the time to really focus on what is ahead of you and bring you on the same picture.
6. You will notice that there are more people in the same situation.
7. You will learn many practical things, like how to deal with contractions, what breastfeeding is about.
8. Some myths that you might believe in will be clarified.
9. You will learn that pregnancy, labour and birth doesn’t need to be scary.
10. It can make the partner more aware of what is going to happen and will fill him in in what he/she can do.
I love teaching my antenatal weekends and they always have a very special dynamic. I mostly find it to be a very open and friendly time. Where, maybe, couples  realize that they are not the only ones doing this, especially if they are in a foreign country and a different culture.
When I was pregnant we went to such a weekend and yes, even though I didn’t really learn much it was still an important time for me and us. Because we where doing this for our baby.

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