I Have A Request!

The coast of Donegal

I started this blog and didn’t knew where I was going. I enjoyed writing but I didn’t have a real plan with what I wanted to achieve.

Since I can remember and since I offer english birth preparation classes,10 years next year,my work has always been about not needing to be fearfull about the birth and about what to come.

The internet is packed with birth stories and most of the time they are not the good ones. The births that just go smoothly, where no intervention is needed,at home, in a birthing house or in the hospital they are hardly mentioned and with breastfeeding I find it quite similar.You hear so many negativ things, from friends, family and even strangers in the street.

So my goal is to post one positive birth story and positiv breastfeeding story on my blog each week. Of course I can tell the world the lovely birth I had but that is not enough. And maybe to easy.

I’d love to post more, good, powerful stories, that tell people that it is possible to have a good birth experience or breastfeeding relationship with their baby.

Do you think you can help me and share your good experience with me and the rest out there? I do not need names but I need your stories.

Everybody should hear that giving birth is no dark magic and no witch craft is needed either.

You can email me with any loose ends and any queries you have info@midwifeinberlin.com.

You can find me on Twitter @midwifeinberlin and Facebook Midwife in Berlin

Thank you for your time and yes, of course, there are other stories too, and there will be a time for them, I am sure of that, but for now let us focus on the good ones.

Lots of love and Go leor de ghrá,

Katrin O’Malley

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