How To Find A Midwife?

I called my midwife when I was 5 weeks pregnant and I felt pretty silly. The test had just shown I was pregnant 2 days earlier and I was contemplating if I was going nuts with wanting to call the midwife so early. I went with my instinct rather than my head and the only thing the midwife had to say was: That means : now I am fully booked for March.

So here is my list on how to proceed in finding a Midwife in Germany these days:

  • Start your search as early as possible and even though somebody might say you have, you do not.  Just after you peed on the stick, told your partner and then, then it is the time to get active with your search.
  • In my opinion every printed list you have is outdated or at least not accurate so searching for a midwife online is maybe more effective and yes, of course, a list won’t hurt.
  • Search via friends and family if possible, colleagues and maybe even neighbours.
  • Contact Hebammenpraxen, Geburtshäuser, the midwifes there will offer care .
  • Ask at the birthing place of your choice, the hospitals have lists of midwifes that do home visits
  • There is a Facebook group called Hebammenvermittlung Berlin, I find this group very effective, perhaps this exists for other German cities too?

Additional information:

  • Contact the midwife personally via phone. Emails and text messages might get lost.
  • If you haven’t found anybody call your insurance and tell them that you haven’t found one yet. They can not help you but they are, in my opinion, responsible for this mess
  • sign this


Now I wish you good luck on your search and important is not to give up.

Go leor de ghrá,








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