• Mahdi Aridj says:

    Dear Katrin, I should have contacted you while i was doing my Hebammenprojekt in Germany. What you wrote is so true and so unfair for midwives. This profession is so important but i have the feeling that no one cares until they find themselves in the need of a midwife and then they forget about it. What should we do as citizens ? For myslef I tried to do my duty as a photographer.

    Happy international day of the midwife with two days of delay … i hope that things will change and move soon !


    • Dear Mahdi, it is exacty as you wrote, nobody cares until they are in need of a midwife. For a long time I thought that the midwifes have to change the situation but they can’t. We are not enough and not united in what we stand for. In my opinion the parents have to get loud and stand up for their right. https://midwifeinberlin.com/2017/04/25/no-midwife-what-can-i-do/

      Greetings Katrin

      • Mahdi Aridj says:

        Dear Katherine, yes unfortunately you’re right on the fact that the midwives are not enough and not united. But still I’m here and I’m not alone thinking that. Just that i felt concerned even if I’m no a parent neither German. So I think we still can do something about it. So this is why I made this project to try to shout it and to get loud. Maybe things will move and I hop they will. Let’s just get organised or create something to do it !

        Greeting from Paris


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