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Sorry to the poor guy who has cut our lawn during the summer a few times. But once I had this sentence in my head I realised  this was really the fact. The lovely man who came over  to take care of our grass, not so green, is able to bill me more then I earn as a midwife. Because he is entitled to make his own prices and I am not.  And I am only able to afford him because I do not live alone.

Of course I recognise that he is a trained man and he did his job very nicely.

But I have to ask you: what are his responsobilities? That the grass isn’t too short or not too long? Yes, that I as a costumer am  satisfied. Yes, I give him that. Costumers can sure be tricky.

But, now comes my thought, what kind of responsibilities has a midwife?

During pregnancy she takes care of the pregnant ladies/ couples and the unborn babies. If something goes wrong she might be blamed. During birth she has an incredible responsibility. Do you agree with me? And after birth, once she visits you at home, she is still somehow in charge.Does the baby feed well? Does the baby gain weight? Is the woman recovering nicely? Ui, there are a lot of things she has to watch out for.

She earns 32,87 € before tax for one home visit. Yes, she can indeed claim the kilometers she drove to your house , per km 0,69€.

And you know what, such a visit normally takes longer then 10 mins . The insurances tell us midwives that a homevisit should be around 30 mins long. Explain this to babies and mamas and papas? If there is a crisis she won’t just say: I am leaving. tschüss, half an hour is over. I ll see you tomorrow. no, she will stay of course and help to solve the issue.

I guess this is a big factor when it comes to why it is so very hard to find a midwife these days.

i am not sure what will happen. Sometimes the misery has to become even bigger for us to notice that change is needed.

But I hope for one day when politicians and insurances realise that we are keeping women out of doctors’ offices and hospitals.And in the end are saving the German health care system big bucks.

In my oppinion that is what we are doing.

An example for you:

A breastfeeding mother contacts her midwife with clear signs of a beginning mastitis. The midwife is able to tell the woman what to do. She can visit the lady and help her to get better. The chances are high that she can continue breastfeeding and go without seeing a doctor or, worst case senario, she is spending a night or two in hospital.

In a world without midwives the woman gets worse, has to wait maybe longer to be seen by a doctor and on a weekend spends hours waiting in an emergency room. This all is fare more expensive then contacting a midwife. Even if we midwifes get better payed.

So when does somebody realise?

And what needs to happen?

I do not know and thinking about it makes me shiver. But I know that we have to stop moaning for sure and voice ourselves.

If you are expecting a baby or you are a new mum/ dad you can get in touch with motherhood.

And midwives who read this can contact midwife rebels.

Lots of love & Go leor de ghrá,



  1. Mahdi Aridj

    Dear Katrin, I should have contacted you while i was doing my Hebammenprojekt in Germany. What you wrote is so true and so unfair for midwives. This profession is so important but i have the feeling that no one cares until they find themselves in the need of a midwife and then they forget about it. What should we do as citizens ? For myslef I tried to do my duty as a photographer.

    Happy international day of the midwife with two days of delay … i hope that things will change and move soon !


      1. Mahdi Aridj

        Dear Katherine, yes unfortunately you’re right on the fact that the midwives are not enough and not united. But still I’m here and I’m not alone thinking that. Just that i felt concerned even if I’m no a parent neither German. So I think we still can do something about it. So this is why I made this project to try to shout it and to get loud. Maybe things will move and I hop they will. Let’s just get organised or create something to do it !

        Greeting from Paris


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