The Midwifes First Visit

Today the midwife came for her first visit. Yes, she visits me at home for a Schwangerschaftsvorsorge/an antenatal care.

And let me tell you something?  I was a little bit nervous. It is the same midwife that guided us through my first pregnancy and she was the first person my daughter got to see. Do I need to tell you that  we are very happy that she is working with us this time too?!

Before she arrived I already had had a very emotional day with being stopped by the police and nearly crying and then working and reading a very powerful article and actually crying. It is very easy these days to get me into tears.

This was my emotional status before she came and saw us, and if I could sketch you a picture it would look darker , with clouds, tiredness in some sense, how do you draw tiredness? And not so much energy.

When the midwife left I was bright, happy and full of beans and life. Picturely spoken, green grass, sunshine, birds.You get an idea?

So what did she do?

Because there are guidelines midwives do have there little routine. Some proceedings are the same if you are in Munich, Hamburg or Berlin.

For example:

  • Palpating the pregnant belly, to see how the baby is positioned
  • Listening to the heartbeat of the baby
  • My midwife measures the belly circumverancia and the symphysis uterine distance
  • Measuring the blood pressure
  • Checking a sample of your urine
  • Checking for oedema and varicoses veins

All these details are noted in your “Mutterpass”.

My midwife takes all the blood samples and swabs required but because I work at the gaenycologist’s office the girls will do that for me.

Such an Antenatal Care might take an average  30-60 mins, but if you do have more on your mind it will take as long as it needs

This happens during a conversation and is nothing rushed.

She had the time to ask me how I am and just had time to listen. Time to sit there with me and nothing else seemed more important. I did tell her about all my ups and downs, what is changing at present. Not only my body changing but my fear of the first few months with the baby. My husband will not be able to take Elternzeit, due to working commitments. We’ve  known this since a few days and yes, this freaks me out a tiny bit. Since the meeting with the midwife I feel a lot more confident and in the end we will have to see what this baby will be like.But yes, we will be well organized too, and use all the advice I used to give everybody in this situation.( you can find advice here)

It has lost its place,being so worried and made room for a more exciting and open view on the time after birth. We will survive, I am sure of that now.

This meeting left me with a very positive feeling and I am already looking forward to when she comes and visits us the next time.

Where do you meet your midwife? Has she got time for you like mine had for me yesterday?

Lots of love & Go leor de ghrá,



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