My Personal Pregnancy Update Part 1

Being 21 weeks pregnant

The baby is kicking while I write this and I truly feel very blessed. The baby is healthy and this is the biggest gift anybody can ever give me.

Half of this pregnancy is over. Germans call this the “bergfest”,

The halftime made in climbing the hill, the pregnancy hill.

The time flew until now  and how little you think about being pregnant the second time around is all I can say.

The baby is kicking for a over a month now and funnily enough it is more pleasant this time. And like his sister, this baby always kicks when I listen to other babies heartbeats while working, a people’s person you can say.

Other then that, it is nicer being pregnant this time. But it is still not my favorite thing.

And maybe it is all better because I am only not focusing on it so much, I find myself thinking? No time to focus, I am busy with a toddler.

How am I feeling?

Like the last time heartburn is killing me and sometimes it is hard to find a solution.But I try my best to eat healthy and so far this is helping the most and I have only gained 5 kilos so far, even though my hips are getting broader and the boobs bigger.Yipii..not.

We came across a few questions as we are trying to plan the new arrival, and I have to ask you, can you plan this?

One question is:

who will help us out next spring when the baby is going to arrive? Of course our parents will visit and help as good as they can, but they are not in Berlin. So in my opinion, we need some back-up plans.

What did we do?
  • We contacted the lady who helped us out the first time after the birth. She will make time and come to us to cook and clean and help with the washing. I am so happy about this. As my husband is going to be working there are some circumstances when such a “haushaltshilfe” –  home help –  is covered by the insurances. But we are prepared to make this our luxurious expense.

The first step in getting organized.

  • Then we decided on meeting a doula. What is a doula, you might ask yourself. Doulas are women who assist you during birth, are there for you and your family but not in a medical way. More like a friend/ family member. How did this idea come along?

As we are debating where our daughter is going to be during the actual birth and I do not want anybody visiting and waiting with me when labour might start , my midwife proposed this idea to us. We will see and decide soon.

What else is new?
  • Also I decided not to go on official maternity leave before the birth and work far up till the end. As I do not leave the house for work every day I hope that this plan will work out. We shall see and take it as it comes.
  • My nesting impulse has already kicked in, and we have not only changed rooms around in our house  but I am in a big throwing- away- all -the -rubbish- stuff. It feels fantastic, I can assure you, but not for my family, I am afraid.
  • And we do not want to know the sex of the baby ( as we didn’t know 2 years ago, we thought this would only be fair ).But believe me this time I have more itchy toes. And nearly gave in at the Ultrasound, but it is too much fun looking into all the faces when you tell them you do not know. This will keep me going till spring and the big surprise we will receive in the end.
I can not wait to see what this baby will look like, be like, feel like. You see the pregnancy hormones are busy and working their best. I am just exited and that is very okay at this minute.

Lots of love & Go leor de ghrá,


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