My Secret In Surviving Mr. Trump

For sure I won’t be the only one writing about this topic, but it was so much on my mind. I had to share my view of events with you.

This will be one of those posts where I do not write as a midwife but as a woman, a pregnant woman to be precise and a mother. The other side of this blog. The other side of my life.

So, if you are only interested in the midwifery topics I can save you time, this one is nothing like it. Wait a second maybe it is, because it is about raising our children. The future citizens of this world.

From next year on I will be rising two of those myself.

This week was the first day my daughter got to see TV in the morning time, and honestly it was the first time where I didn’t feel guilty at all, because we were watching the US elections or actually at that time the bitter truth in who had succeeded this outcome.

She heard me saying words I normally try not to say in front of her and yes, you can judge me now but it will be the first time where I do not care about other peoples opinions.

My biggest fear and concern at this moment was

What impact will a Trump led USA have?

Is this a world I want my kids to grow up in? Is this the time to even consider giving birth again?

Thoughts that stuck in my head all day and kept my mind spinning. Black thoughts that made me shiver.

What this world will look like nobody can say, the future will show us. This uncertainty is not helping, I know.

By far I am the only one who is battling thoughts like this. For sure. Twitter, Facebook, many, many comments, shared opinions and sarcastic pictures all on the Trump issue even after a day and a half.

By the evening of the I was totally exhausted, being awake since all hours and kind of waking without sleeping and thinking that was all just a bad dream.

The Tagesschau, the main German TV news, reminded me, pulled me back into reality that it was bitter fact.

Over the day I had started to brood what my parents, grandparents and even my great-grandparents must have thought when they had kids of their own.

  • The First, the Second World War in Germany, not an ideal time to raise children but people had them anyway.
  • Beginning of the 60s the Cuban Missile Crisis, a frightening time, people had kids. Actually in Germany the 60s where the time so many kids were born like never again.The baby boomers.
  • During the 70s,the RAF in Germany, The IRA in Ireland, a scary time an unsafe time, woman gave birth.
  • 1986 Chernobyl happened, which I can remember remotely, people were frightened and uncertain about the future and still had kids.

Am I comparing Trump to Chernobyl? Mh…perhaps not the worst comparison. But Chernobyl was not a person.


We are not allowed to forget the frustrated people that voted for Mr.Trump.

One very important aspect we have to see, too.

Frustrated people who do not think anybody is listening to them. Citizens who believe that nobody cares about their lives.

The news tell us exactly what kind of people voted for and against Mr. Trump.

And this, on one hand is also frightening to me but on the other hand was my soothing, leading thought that made me go to sleep.

  • That it will be on me, us, will be on everybody out there, to raise children that do not need to think they are neglected from the state they live in, the people that surround them. That they are not left behind.
  • It will be on me, on us, was on my parents and so on, to raise kids that can stand up for themselves and are strong enough to voice their opinion they have gained.
  • It will be on me, on us, to teach them wrong from right. In my opinion that is to teach my children that color, raise, sexual orientation do not matter. That we have different values. We respect people for what they are.
  • It will be on me, on us, to teach my daughter that she, as a woman can be anything she wants to be, love anyone she wants to love, marry this person if wanted, have children herself and live a happy life.

I will have to teach my children that there is more than hate and anger out there.

Surely we have survived other times, we HAVE to survive this.

We, here in Germany are voting next year and we are not to allow what happened in the USA.

We have to listen to these people that are angry, are frightened by the changing times. People that have lost their jobs, people that have not enough money to buy food.

If we do not listen to them, or if our politicians do not start taking them seriously we will have an even bigger problem to come.

They say this is a wake – up call and yes, it should be by all means.

So, people WAKE UP!

Lots of love & Go leor de ghrá,




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