My 10 Pregnancy Must Haves

I wanted to share my list of valuable little things with you,that I have found,up to now, very helpful during this pregnancy. Some I had to buy, some where already there. But all in all things I am very happy that exits.

My Top Ten List:

1. My water filter

Since I am pregnant filtering water has become very important as everything that is not filtered tends to give me heartburn. And funnily enough buying bottled, still water isn’t the same.And of course I save money and do not need to carry heavy bottles.



2. A good, non -wired bra

Do I need to explain? I just need good support and I guess you too.


3. Cantienica pelvic floor exercises

As this is my second pregnancy I can slightly feel the difference. I am more on my feet and especially after a long day I can feel my pelvic floor. Strengthening this part of my body and the right exercises to do so are the way to go. Are you doing them too



4. and 5. Comfortable jeans and comfortable shoes

There is nothing worse than wearing a pants that digs in your pregnant belly,and shoes on my feet that you can feel, and not in a good way.My feet are slightly bigger now and as my belly grows they have to be easy to put on too.



6. My laptop

Some days I find sitting at my desk not at all nice, lying on the sofa is great and still being able to work is a very important plus.I find it a superb feeling, sitting so relaxed and my ideas and thoughts are fare better. A win-win situation.



7. A great pillow

For me that is a firm, harder pillow, to support me lying as best as possible.Not a breastfeeding pillow, they are too long for me to get settled. But as this belly is growing and growing it gets harder each night.



8.My rucksack

Since I became pregnant there where maybe one or two occasions that I can recall where I took a handbag with me. The rucksack is far easier and I can walk without balancing an akward and heavy purse on one side of my body. I have space for nappies, money, a book and all the other things.



9. Friends

Good friends ask me how I am.Friends that make me forget my small, little problems. Friends that back me up, because they are experiencing the same. Priceless.



10.A meditations App

With these grey days at the minute it started of as a little pick me up in the morning time once my family had left the house. Never thought this could work for me. But spending 10 minutes doing nothing but let go, fantastic. I use the App Headspace and so far it has been really great.



What are your must- haves?

What can’t you live without. I’d love to hear your view!


Lots of love & Go leor de ghrá,



  1. hebammenblog

    Ich liebe Headspace! Der hat so ne beruhigende Stimme. Egal was er sagt, das ist einfach toll.
    Beim Kissen kann ich nicht zustimmen. Ich mag Stillkissen in der Schwangerschaft. Die kann man nicht nur unter den Bauch, sondern auch zwischen die Knie legen. Und beim Umdrehen hat man dann nicht immer drei Kissen, die man mitnehmen muss. Aber ist ja Geschmacksache.
    Schöne Tipps!
    Lieben Gruß

    1. midwifeinberlin

      Liebe Jana,
      danke für Deinen Kommentar und das Feedback. ja, dieses Stillkissen, so viele schwärmen davon und mir ist es immer nur im Weg. Auch beim Stillen, aber das ist eine andere Geschichte.

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