Interview With A Midwife

Once in a while I want to share interviews I did with other midwifes living and working in Germany.

I love for them to tell you why they have chosen to become a midwife and what keeps them going.

Here we go.

Interview Number 1

1. Hello, can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

My name is Gerlinde and I live and work in Berlin.

2. Why did you become a midwife

I am fascinated of these 3 components: intuition, old traditionell midwifery knowledge and a modern medical background 

3. Since when are you working as a midwife?

Since 1989

4. What do you love about your profession?

The interaction with the woman, parents and children.for approx. 2 years I am part of the family, the openness the families bring towards me when trust is evolving.

5. What do you dislike/ hate about it?

The political situation the midwives are in. And on of again that my own family comes second.

6. How many couples have you looked after over the years?

Uff, aprox. 1300 couples, and ca. 500 home births. 

7. Has the way you work changed over the years?

Absolutely, especially since the birth of my son my work was influenced strongly.

Self-determination and accompanying the woman on her own individual journey has gotten far more important to me. 

Since then I definitely understand more, for  example pain when the milk comes in.

But over the years I have gotten milder, with humour everything gets easier. 

Consistently iIquestion my work, looking backwards I was more uncritical.

8. Describe a „ regular“ working day of yours to us?

6.00 am getting out of bed and my son ready with breakfast. Till 8.30 paperwork; then I leave the house.

Until 16.00-17.00 I do home visits. Wednesday is my long day when I have appointments in the evening too. 

At home I have more paperwork ,1-2 hours.

9. What is your personal view on the political situation of the German midwives at the minute?

The situation seems hopeless. There’d have to be significant changes in German health politics, but economical interests work against it..

The German midwifery organisations must get politically active as a union and in cooperation with the parents’ initiatives ( for an example :motherhood) then we could perform more pressure.

We as midwives are not enough, it doesn’t affect parents long enough, networking is so important regarding this matter. In my opinion, it will never be a job you will get rich from or famous but having more staff in the hospitals is important and the woman’s right to choose her birthplace as well as still having access to smaller hospitals. And just a little bit more money for the midwives so they can pay the insurance easier. In order that midwives who are the major earners can  support  their family. 

10. Your personal advice on how pregnant ladies can find a midwife?

Listen to your „Bauchgefühl.“gut instinct 

11. Do you mind sharing your funniest/ happiest story of your working life with us?

A birth was so fast that the baby landed in the toilet. Since then I know the difference between a washout WC pan and a washdown WC pan.

Always a highlight is accompanying good friends or now even their daughters.

12. Your personal wish for a pregnant lady- the expectant couple?

At all times stay with your personal wishes for your child, the birth, for you. You are the expert nobody else is. And demand it!!!

Thank you Gerlinde.


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  1. As I dive into what it means for me to become a midwife and what that could look like in Berlin I search for places to talk about this. I find your article with the midwife who worked with me with my first child gelinde. Thank you for this article and the work you are doing for women and people on their journey to be midwives and for mothers who value their role and work.

    1. midwifeinberlin Avatar

      Thank you for your kind words. And yes,isn’t Gerlinde a great dedicated midwife. 💕

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