No Midwife? How Do I Find A Midwife In Berlin

Unfortunately a question that needs to be seriously addressed.

All over Germany the midwifery shortage is palpable. The insurance companies and the politicians are not only ignoring the fact but they try and assure you that in their knowledge there are enough midwives out there.

…Bull…( Insert bad word here…)

We do not have enough midwifes

In my opinion this is untrue but the process of changing perspectives and opinions is sadly slow – as always.
And an uproar is non existent ( or can you hear somebody shouting?)
The midwifery unions, yes, there is more than one, have difficulties talking to each other. Do I need to say more?

 If I can not find a midwife, what are my options?

You, the one who is pregnant, who wants to fall pregnant, whose loved one is expecting, you as the new parent are the only hope there is. And this is the conclusion I have come to.

YOU are the only one who can help yourself.

So, If you weren’t lucky and luck is all it is these days and you have tried all these steps to snatch yourself a midwife, you can do the following:

Patientenbeauftragte für Berlin,

Karin Stötzner

Tel: (030) 9028-2010

Mo. – Fr.: 10:00 – 14:00 Uhr

  • An association called Motherhood e.V. exists. Be a member and/ or email them and let them know that you’re searching unsuccessfully.
Lots of love & Go leor de ghrá,

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