Hair Loss After Giving Birth

I wanted to take a picture of all the hair I am losing. The hair that I find in the drain after a shower and the hair that I lose during a day.
It is a lot these days.
And then I know, I won’t do that because of all the people out there who are suffering from hair los out of medical reasons. Cancer for an example.I have no cancer, I’m just going through hormonal changes.

Losing hair is part of the deal

So I am aware ,me writing over hair loss is a delicate topic and this fact keeps me from going insane when I see my hair everywhere but not on my head .
They say it is normal in a case of a breastfeeding woman postpartum, but I remember 3 years ago it freaked me out so much, I cried more than once. And again, I am and was aware that my family and I were healthy- but I have to say:
losing hair sucks, because it doesn’t disappear in places on my body where I try to get rid of it anyway.

Losing hair sucks

Nobody tells you about hair loss prior. Don’t laugh at me but before my first baby I had no idea how much it could be. When I used to hear  -I am loosing hair- what can I do,-  I thought: common lady get a grip, it is just hair.
Now I  revenge in calling my midwife and getting the answer #augenzuunddurch which means as much as get a grip and it will pass.
Who is the fool now?
I really thought  I would be the clever one, doing things with my placenta you don’t want to know, but no, I am not getting around this one this time either. I am going to continue picking hair from my baby and all other places and wait patiently until it passes because it will – this time I know.
But maybe there are remedies out there that I just need to find? Have you got an idea? What helped you?

Lots of love & Go leor de ghrá,


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