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My Lifesavers While Starting To Breastfeed

My little baby girl has turned 3 months and yes, time is flying, the Wochenbett Zeit is truly over.
I am not only starting to clear out clothes that do not fit her anymore ( a sad and good feeling at he same time) but I as well came across 2 items that were my lifesavers while starting to breastfeed.
Because they were such a tremandous help during this first time with the new baby I thought it is a good idea to take notes for future references.

1. Breast feeding pillow

Saved my life the first 2 -3 weeks. I forgot how long I used it in the end, and even though 2 weeks doesn’ t sound much I am so glad that I had it.
With my first born I did have some breastfeeding issues and the lactation consultant I saw gave me this pillow to nurse with.
If you have or if you are breastfeeding, you know what I am talking about, having to rearrange pillows before you feed, the pillows are too flat or too high, it can take time to get organized, which is okay of course but with a crying baby it can be quite nerve racking and I ended up being soaked in sweat, more than once.
So this time I wanted to be prepared and purchased this special pillow on eBay Kleinanzeigen.
FullSizeRender-1.jpgThis pillow, american breastfeeding pillow as it is called originally, is a very firm pillow, not too hard but the baby lies on it without sinking. Perfect. And it has a strap to put around your waist so it really stays in place.You can even walk around with it.
New it costs around 65 € ( online ).
I payed 30€, secondhand, and I do not regret spending it.
I have passed the pillow on now. And it is continuing the good deeds elsewhere.

2. Silverette, silver nipple shields

THE biggest lifesaver ever.
By coincidence I came across this product when a lady I was looking after used them. And I liked what I saw. This new breastfeeding mother didn’t have any sore, opened, bleeding nipples. Any problems that are in the books seemed to be no trouble and so I ordered them online and payed 49,90€.
Puh, that is money for something I am not even sure I will need, I thought while entering my credit card number. And what can I tell you, they were worth every cent.
The silverette nippel shields are made out of silver. Silver has a healing purpose and is antiseptic too. I wore them day and night at the start and didn’t suffer at all. Yes, the nipples were red but not painful. I was so happy that I showed them to my midwife every day ( my nipples, not the silver shields ) and said: look, look they are not hurting.She must have thought I was crazy.
The silver had a cooling effect too and I didn’t use any cream or any regular nippel shield. You didn’t want to stop wearing them.
But like with the breastfeeding pillow the time came where I started to forget wearing the shields and kept misplacing them.
And i can assure you, they found a good new home.
The nipple shields do not need any sterilization, you wash them daily with water and place them in boiling water for a more thorough cleaning.
Cheers and bye bye. I was very happy that you came into my life.
And now I am curious what you couldn’t live without. Do you or did you have a lifesaver during the first few weeks or months? I have a list with things that I was very happy to have too.I will post that one shortly.

Lots of love & Go leor de ghrá,


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