Mutterpass 6 – The Final Examination 

Mutterpass explained in english

Abschluss-Untersuchungen/ Epikrise

or the final examination

And I can say, this will be my final post about the Mutterpass too.

Hooray, you made it.

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Let’s get started

Mutterpass, Abschlussuntersuchung translated

These last pages are divided in 3 parts:

  • Schwangerschaft: Pregnancy
  • Geburt: Birth
  • Wochenbett: Postpartal

Mutterpass Epikrise translated into english


  • Alter: Age
  • Schwangerschaften: Pregnancies ( including the current )
  • Anzahl der Vorsorge Untersuchungen: Amounts of antenatal examinations
  • Alleinstehend: Single parent
  • Geburten: Births including the current
  • Vor Entbindung in Klinik vorgestellt:  Booking visit
  • Deutsch: German
  • Erst-Untersuchung in SSW: Which pregnancy week was your first examination in pregnancy
  • Stat. Aufenthalt antepartum in Wochen: Hospitalized during pregnancy in weeks

Birth documented in Mutterpass


  • Datum: Date
  • SSW:  Pregnancy week
  • Lebendgeburt: Live birth
  • Geschlecht: Gender
  • Geburtsmodus: Birth mode
  • Kindslage: Position of baby
  • Gewicht: Weight
  • Länge/Kopfumfang: Length / head circumference
  • Apgar-Zahl 5/10: Apgar Score after 5 and 10 minutes
  • pH Wert (Nabelarterie ): pH data, taken from umbilical artery
  • Auffällige Fehlbildungen:  Noticeable teragonetics
  • Besonderheiten: Anomalies

Documentation of Wochenbett in Mutterpass


  • Wochenbett normal: Postpartum period normal
  • Gyn. Befund normal: Gynecological findings normal yes or no
  • HB: Hämoglobin level
  • RR: Blood pressure
  • Anti D Prophylaxe: Anti D given
  • Beratung über ausreichende Jodzufuhr: Guidance about adequate iodine supply while breast feeding
  • Besonderheiten: Anomalies
  • Blutgruppe beim Kind: Blood group infant
  • direkter Coomstest: direct Cooms test positiv or negativ
  • Kind unauffällig entlassen am: Discarge date of infant
  • Kind verlegt am: Infant transfered
  • Kind verstorben am: Infant dead
Abschlussuntersuchung documented in Mutterpass

We have reached the last page of your Mutterpass.

2. Untersuchung nach Entbindung (6.-8.Woche )

It will document all anomalies during your post portal period.
and your findings of the check up performed after 6 to 8 weeks.
(Women are adviced to visit their gynecologist at about 6-8 weeks after birth, if it is earlier or later, fine too )

Documentation will include

  • Gynäkologischer Befund unauffällig: Gynaecological examination without pathological findings
  • RR: Blood pressure
  • Urin Z pos/ E pos: Urine- sugar pos, protein pos
  • Sediment o.b.
  • Besonderheiten: Anomalies
  • Mutter stillt: Mother is breast feeding
  • Hat nicht gestillt: Did not breast feed
  • Hat abgestillt: Did wean


Kind – Child

  • U 3 durchgeführt: U3 performed
  • Lebt und ist gesund: Alive and healthy
  • Ist lt. U 3 behandlungsbedüftig: Needs treatment according to U3
  • Ist verstorben am: Deceased on


I hope my idea in translating and helping you to understand what this german Mutterpass is all about has helped you.


Lots of love & Go leor de ghrá, 

Signatur from Midwife in Berlin Katrin O'Malley

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