Midwife In Berlin

Midwife in Berlin

I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and midwife in Berlin. 

I don‘t play roles, I‘d be a bad actress. 

On regular days I am 

empathic ,passionat and intuitive. 

On good days you ,might find me expressive, curious, sometimes unconventional.  

My goal is to discover new ways to solve old problems.

I love to create options so you could call me optimistic. 

I prefer problem solver with an out of the box perspective. 

Midwife in Berlin an english Midwife in Berlin

What will you get?

There is plenty of information out there and so many so- called experts. It can be hard to survive in this world wide web and not drown.

In the Irish mythology midwifes are described as wise woman.

I’ m far from being wise but I‘d say I am a lot wiser than 10-20 years ago.

My pregnancies and 2 births have changed me. 

I did experience the pressure on pregnant woman first hand.

I experienced contractions and how powerful they are. And even more how live changing this process is.

I did know before and then i knew nothing. Like any other parent I have no clue. 

Midwife in Berlin, english speaking Midwife in Berlin

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