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Midwife in Berlin
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I started Midwife in Berlin as a Blog a few years ago because there is plenty of information out there and so many so-called experts. It can be hard to survive in this world wide web and not drown.

In the Irish mythology midwifes are described as wise woman.

I’ m far from being wise but I‘d say I am a lot wiser than 10-20 years ago.

My pregnancies and 2 births have changed me. 

I did experience the pressure on pregnant woman first hand.

I experienced contractions and how powerful they are. And even more how live changing this process is.

I did know before and then I knew nothing. Like any other parent I have no clue. 

Midwife in Berlin, english speaking Midwife in Berlin

My goal is to show you, that you have options. That you can change things.

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Lots of love & Go leor de ghrá,

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6 responses to “Midwife In Berlin”

  1. Hello, I’m interested in the rerun preparation course, but my husband can’t participate. Do I need to subscribe him too? Many thanks, Alessia Romito

    1. midwifeinberlin Avatar

      Dear Alessia, no, of course, you can participate with or without a partner. My registration program asks for a partners name but excepts – no partner – written or your name instead. Maybe see you in May.If you have further queries you can email me too. info@midwifeinberlin.com

  2. Hello, will you be offering online birth preparation class in July/August 2022? Unfortunately I cannot attend the one in June. Many thanks.

    1. midwifeinberlin Avatar

      Dear Clara, thank you for getting back to me. I am going to start offering face to face classes again at the Hebammenpraxis Prenzlauer Berg/ Berlin. But I will see what I can do as not everybody lives in sunny B. Let us continue our conversation via email.

  3. Nathalie Mitzka Avatar
    Nathalie Mitzka

    Hi Katrin, I was looking for a midwife for January 13 due date. Would we be able to chat?

    1. midwifeinberlin Avatar

      Dear Nathalie, thank you for reaching out to me. the best is you send me an email as I’d have to know where you are located. Kind regards and my email is info@midwifeinberlin.com

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