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Midwife in Berlin
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I started Midwife in Berlin as a Blog a few years ago because there is plenty of information out there and so many so-called experts. It can be hard to survive in this world wide web and not drown.

In the Irish mythology midwifes are described as wise woman.

I’ m far from being wise but I‘d say I am a lot wiser than 10-20 years ago.

My pregnancies and 2 births have changed me. 

I did experience the pressure on pregnant woman first hand.

I experienced contractions and how powerful they are. And even more how live changing this process is.

I did know before and then I knew nothing. Like any other parent I have no clue. 

Midwife in Berlin, english speaking Midwife in Berlin

My goal is to show you, that you have options. That you can change things.

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Lots of love & Go leor de ghrá,

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