The One With The English Postnatal Exercise Class Cantienica

The One With the Postnatal

Midwife in Berlin and my English Postnatal Exercise Class with the Cantienica Method

MY classes are ONLINE classes.

You can start exercising with me any time

Meaning once you have an okay from your midwife or Dr you can start exercising.

Why do I need postnatal exercises?

  • to help to bring your organs back to where they where before pregnancy.
  • getting to know your new body
  • and your pelvic floor
  • to prevent you from incontinence and to your organs from dropping
  • to help you with back and neck pain

Pregnancy and birth can leave us with scaring, sometimes they are visible and other times they are not. 

A perineal tear, an episiotomy, a C-section, hours and hours of labour. 

And now lack of sleep. 

The Germans at least have a real name for the time that happens after birth. 


This entails taking part in a Postnatal exercise class. Not straight away but after some time.

Cantienica as a body training method is my way in doing so.

What is a Cantienica Class?

Cantienica is body work. That is what I call it. I invite you to read this and find out more.

As a midwife and a woman who gave birth twice, honestly nothing else makes sense to me anymore. Cantienica focuses on all the layers of our pelvic floor, sees the body as a hole and leaves you more aligned from your toes to your head.

The exercises are never boring as you always discover new layers of what is happening within you. If you are practicing it for 10 years or 5 days.  

postnatal exercise class with Cantienica

When can I start a postnatal exercise class Cantienica?

  • if you gave birth vaginally you can start after 6-8 weeks, and later, depending on how you feel
  • if you had a C-section, it is a good idea to wait 10 weeks before you begin
  • the insurance wants you to start the latest 9 months after you gave birth

Does the insurance cover the postnatal exercise class Cantienica?

  • Half of the class is covered
  • 100€ you will have to contribute.

The German health care system acknowledges this special time in your life with paying for postnatal exercises to strengthen the women and their pelvic floor. Note some private insurances don’t.

However this class, being a Cantienica class, costs a little extra. As in 100€.

You will pay the 100€ upfront, receive a participation statement and I will deal with your insurance for the rest.

How do I sign on to the postnatal class?

Or send an email to

„Common get moving“

I am happy if you leave a reply

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