My English Birth Preparation Class

my English birth prep class

Midwife in Berlin – TOW The Birth Prep

Expecting your first baby? Nervous and exited all at the same time? If you are nodding now, I do have a class for you. My english birth preparation class. I want you to be able to understand the birth process in Germany and make informed decisions when it’s time.

This is your birth and even though birth doesn’t always goes the way we have planned it, actually it hardly does. But I do believe that you should have a voice in all of this. This is your birth. Encouraging you to ask questions and express your wishes and needs, is one of my biggest goal.

Another goal of mine is it to bring people together as Berlin might be home for now, but rarely there is family around. So, it’s about meeting like minded people who are all in the same situation. Being pregnant in Berlin and soon parents in Berlin.

My classes take place at weekends and are 1 day Offline and 1 day Online at the minute and are English speaking.

Birth Preparation Class topics:

  • Preparing for the baby
  • How does the birth process start
  • How does it feel
  • When do we call our midwife or leave for hospital
  • What happens during birth
  • Birth positions
  • the first 2 hours after birth
  • Wochenbett / Postpartum
  • Breastfeeding
English birth prep class in Berlin


  • Women’s fees for my English birth preparation class are covered by the general German insurance and I will bill the insurance directly
  • Privately insured women will receive a bill from me at the end of the class
  • The partner’s fee is 130€ in total for the weekend ( most German insurances do contribute to the partners fee these days, check beforehand ) Partners will receive a participation statement after the weekend.

If neither applies to you, please email me and let me know, we can find a solution together.

If you are looking for a postpartum exercise class you find mine HERE

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