I never wanted to be anything else and here I am. When I was 8 I knew I’d be a midwife one day. 
My family is full of teachers and midwifery in some sorts can be quite similar to teaching. Maybe this is why I love antenatal classes so much. 
And maybe this is the reason I started to write?
I relate to all the pregnant girls for whom this pregnancy is not the bliss time and motherhood seems like a big challenge. 
I want to tell you that pregnancy, parenthood, comes in many forms and sizes and who are they to tell me what is right or wrong.
There is plenty of information out there and so many so- called experts. It can be hard to survive in this world wide web and not drown.
I don’t call myself an expert because I know there is more than right or wrong. More than black and white. More than German and Irish. 
I am a German trained midwife who has worked and lived abroad and this is what this blog is meant to be about.
I want to give you some guidance in this unknown territory. Me, who knows professionally and personally. 

When I start a new antenatal class, I request everybody to ask all the questions they have and I tell them,my biggest goal is all going home with the feeling: YES, I can do this.

So, this is what I want to say to you:
Of course you can do this and do not let anybody else tell you otherwise.


Lots of love & Go leor de ghrá,