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Midwife in Berlin and all my Classes.

All of my classes are ONLINE classes.

Birth preparation and postnatal classes to be precise.

The One With the Birth Prep

If you are expecting your first baby this class is for you, because you will learn everything regarding giving birth the first time. If you are planning on giving birth in a hospital or at home, we will cover all of it. Further we discuss how you can do to prepare and what to expect once the baby is born.

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The One With the Rerun

Is the class for you if you gave birth 1-2-3-4 (enter the amount of children you already have) before. I want to focus on exactly this.Your question are different and I want to embrace the fact that you are already a parent. We will discuss what is different this time around and how to juggle life with more than one baby/child.

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The One With the C- Section 

Maybe you already know, during the time of your pregnancy, that your baby is going to be born via

C-section. This is why I created The One With the C-Section, it focuses exactly on this. You don’t need to hear how to breath during birth and you don’t need to hear about birth positions. You want to know what will happen in the operation room and how your partner can be present. Further we will chat all about breast-feeding after a C-section and the recovery process. This one day class is designed to give you a better understanding what to expect and how you can prepare for the big day and the time after.

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The One With the Postnatal- Cantienica

Is my postnatal exercise class, added the Cantienica which is fabulous body work. Read more about Cantienica here.

Giving birth can be quiet challenging and your body will need time to recover. With my class I want to set the focus on strengthening your pelvic floor layers and your overall posture. And you know what, the german insurance covers half of this class. If you are privately insured they cover all of it.

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All my Classes are :

  • covered by the general German insurance and I will bill the insurance directly. Women’s fees to be precise.
  • Privately insured women will receive a bill from me at the end of the class.
  • Unfortunately partners’ fees are sometimes but not generally covered by insurance (please ask your insurance for details).
  • The partner’s fee for a 1 day class is 80€ in total. 
  • The partner’s fee for a weekend class is 130€ in total. 

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