I’m Katrin O’Malley an Irish/German midwife and a certified Cantienica teacher.

I specialize in Prenatal and Postnatal exercise classes using the Cantienica Method. You can join me either face to face in Berlin -Prenzlauer Berg or online.

Who am I and what do I do?

I’m a midwife since 2004 and a certified Cantienica teacher. I created www.midwifeinberlin.com 5 years ago. Any of my classes take place in Berlin- Prenzlauer Berg or Online.

FAQ regarding Pre and Postnatal Cantienica

What the…..is Cantienica?

It’s a body work that takes your hole body into account while you exercise. It was developed by Benita Cantieni who, to this day, still lives and breaths to develop this method further.

What’s the benefit of using the Cantienica Method?

An alignment and a strength within you that is noticeable. You will feel the change in your posture and your awareness towards your body, which the exercises are meant to create. But I’m pretty sure everybody else will see it too.

What’ Postnatal Cantienica?

After having a baby, your body needs to regain strength. You are told your pelvic floor needs training but your hole body should be used and worked with to have a lasting effect. That’s what the Cantienica Method does. You always start every exercise with aligning yourself from your toes to your head.

How do you practice pelvic floor exercises?

With not only working on your pelvic floor but your hole body. Your head- shoulders- ribcage- spine- pelvis- knees and feet are as important. Your hole body is connected.

Midwife in berlin and my English pre and postnatal exercise classes

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