This Is Me

I never wanted to be anything else and here I am. When I was 8 I knew I’d be a midwife one day.

I was born and raised in the south of Germany, near the french border and the Black Forest and in the little village where I grew up,we were always a little bit different at the time. Because we spoke English at home or at least a good denglish mix.My papa, being Irish, made sure we were proud of this fact and so it didn’t come to anybody’s surprise,that once I completed my midwifery training in Berlin,I wanted to work in Ireland,Dublin per se, where my family is from.

Why I wanted to become a midwife,I do not know, but I never wanted to be anything else.

After learning the basic midwifery facts and more at the Charite, Berlin, I left in summer of 2004 to live and work in Dublin. And if I hadn’t missed Berlin and the good German health system so much, I might still be there.But in 2007 I returned.

Midwife in Berlin, english speaking Midwife in Berlin

What I learned and experienced in Dublin first hand is hard to describe in a few words. But I can say as much:the hospitals are a lot bigger, babys are born the same way,but the amount of deliveries are higher and when I came back I had been part of nearly 1000 births within 3 years.

But once I got the offer to work as a Beleghebamme in Berlin- and during those time this wasn’t an offer you got every day,- I made a decision.

Even though i still miss Ireland.

Being a Beleghebamme you witness couples becoming a family, being in touch with them from pregnancy up to the period when the baby is more than 3 months old.This was a good time ,work wise, for me, but sadly my private life and my sleep patterns went down the drain.

So I found midwifes at the Geburtshaus Charlottenburg to work within a team and experienced a very different side of midwifery and I am very happy I did.

But in autumn 2o1o I decided it was time to sleep during the night and work during the day which meant no births anymore and focusing on the other aspects of my job.

Midwife in Berlin an english Midwife in Berlin

I started working at a gynecologist and offering antenatal care and I have focused on English antenatal classes which I love teaching.

My family is full of teachers and midwifery in some sorts can be quite similar to teaching. Maybe this is why I love my antenatal classes so much.

And maybe this is the reason I started to write.

I relate to all the pregnant girls for whom this pregnancy is not the bliss time and motherhood seems like a big challenge.

There is plenty of information out there and so many so- called experts. It can be hard to survive in this world wide web and not drown.

Enough said, this is me, this is Katrin O’Malley, Midwife in Berlin since 2007.

Lots of love & Go leor de ghrá,