I Have A Request!

I started this blog and didn’t knew where I was going. I enjoyed writing but I didn’t have a real plan with what I wanted to achieve. Since I can remember and since I offer english birth preparation classes,10 years next year,my work has always been about not needing to be fearfull about the birth…

The coast of Donegal

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Upcoming Weekend Classes:

All weekend classes take place at the Hebammenpraxis Bauchraum, Chorinerstr.31, 10435 Berlin,Prenzlauer Berg. They start at 10.00 o’clock and finish around 17.00 o’clock. There will be tea breaks and a lunch break. My classes are partner classes, meaning the partners are present during all times.


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Das Wochenbett

A dear friend of mine, who is expecting her second baby, and I were having dinner and at some point we discussed what we or now she would be doing differently with the second baby to come. I guess, everybody who is raising a child has this thought at some point. Are there things I’d do differently?…


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10 Steps To Save Babies Sleep

SIDS ( Sudden Infant Death Syndrom) is the scariest thing that I can come up with, but so necessary to write and talk about. Since these steps have been promoted the number of sudden deaths has dropped noticeable and I personally think this is all we can do, so let’s do it. The 10 Steps…

peacefully sleeping baby

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Useful Information On How To Receive The Birth Certificate Of Your Baby?

This is an important question, because without the birth certificate you can not get child allowance or parental benefits. (Kindergeld and Elterngeld) So, listen up: The hospital, birthing house is obliged to register the birth of your baby. Your babies birth is being registered in the registry office within the district you give birth in.…


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Sport During Pregnancy

A couple of weeks ago i had this conversation: She: Can I continue doing sports,now that I am pregnant? Me: Of course you can, what do you have in mind? What kind of sport do you do? She: Beach volleyball Me: Okay….mh….we need to talk. I never thought the day would come where i have…


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