What Is A Beleghebamme?

You could say “on call midwife”.

The midwife will go on call for you, meaning you can reach her 24/7, starting 3 weeks before your Expected Due Date and continuing until your baby is born.

This Beleghebamme has a contract with one speciall hospital, is not emploeyed there but in the position to use the facilieties and acompany you to your birth.

If you like the idea of knowing the midwife that delivered your baby, you have to act fast and search for one.

Because of insurance costs, and political reasons make it very hard to work as a Beleghebamme it will prove to be quiet tricky finding one.

And Beleghebammen do take an on call fee. This will vary from 250-650€, something you definitley need to ask when you meet the midwife the first time. Some insurances will reinburst you with 250€.


My little Tip:

To find a Beleghebamme, start with your favoured hospital and see if they have a list of midwifes, then you have to see if they are available and messure your needs.

Lots of love & Go leor de ghrá,


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