10 Steps To Save Babies Sleep

midwife in berlin ans her english blog on save baby sleep

SIDS ( Sudden Infant Death Syndrom) is the scariest thing that I can come up with, but so necessary to write and talk about.

Since these steps have been promoted the number of sudden deaths has dropped noticeable and I personally think this is all we can do, so let’s do it.

midwife in berlin in english and 10 steps to save baby sleep

The 10 Steps for promoting safe baby sleep are:

1. No smoking where the baby is sleeping.
2. The baby should sleep for the first year in the parents bedroom.
3. The baby should have its own, firm mattress.
4. No toys, cushions, hats in bed with the baby.
5. Babies should sleep on their back.
6. No bumper around the bed.
7. A sleeping bag is advisable. Using blankets is not recommended.
8. If you are not happy with using a sleeping bag, make sure the feet of your baby can touch the end of the bed and the blanket can not go over the baby’s face.
9. The room temperature  should be 16 to 18 degrees, danger of overheating.
10. Breastfeeding during the first year

Studies have shown that using a dummy/ pacifier is beneficial for safe baby sleep but unfortunately not on the list for starting of with a good breastfeeding.

Guidelines der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Schlafforschung und Schlafmedizin (DGSM)

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