Birthing Houses for giving birth in Berlin

Inspired by the question on how to proceed if you are interested in giving birth in a Birthing House I thought to give you some lead way.


Facts about Birthing Houses

  • How a Birthing House works you can read here.
  • There are 8 Birthing House options for you in Berlin
  • Like with hospitals you do not need to stick to your district, but keep in mind, living further away, the midwifes might not offer you postnatal care
  • Visit their information days or evenings
  • Check their webpage if you do speak german
  • Go for a first personal consultation, get to meet the midwife/ the team of midwifes
  • Register as early as possible via email or phone. Emailing could take them some time to respond. Maybe you have a friend who can make the phone call for you.


1. Geburtshaus Maja, Prenzlauer Berg

Paul-Robeson-Straße 37/38

10439 Berlin

030 4458671


2. Geburtshaus & Hebammenpraxis am Märchenbrunnen


10405 Berlin

030 417 173 21


3. Geburtshaus Hellersdorf

Stollberger Straße 83-91

12627 Berlin

030 565 933 55


4. Geburtshaus Müggelsee – Friedrichshagen

Aßmannstraße 64

12587 Berlin

030 566 45 94


5. Geburtshaus am Treptower Park

Am Treptower Park 54

12435 Berlin

030 92 124 330


6. Geburtshaus Schöneberg


10823 Berlin

030 787 19250


7.Geburtshaus Charlottenburg 


Spandauer Damm 130

14050 Berlin

030 325 68 09


2 responses to “Birthing Houses for giving birth in Berlin”

  1. I was doing a photography project the last months in Germany about Midwives and their condition of work. I’ve been travelling and meeting a lot of German midwives. If you’re interested to read it let me know

    1. Hello Mahdi, I’ d be very interested in seeing your work about the midwifes. Sounds very interesting.

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