Important Facts About Vaterschaftsannerkennung and Sorgerecht

Vaterschaftsanerkennung und Sorgerecht

Paternity Statement and Custody

If you give birth In Germany and you are not married you have to request a Vaterschaftsannerkennung/paternity statement from your local Jugendamt (youth welfare office)

Without this the father of your baby is not appearing in the birthcertificate.

As well the father, by german law,of the baby,if not married,has no automatical custody of his child unless you apply for Sorgerecht /custody while applying for paternity.

For this you will need:

– passports from mum and dad to be

– if needed Meldebescheinigungen

– birthcertificats from both

If you and your partner are not fluent german speakers, it is not only advisable but necessary to take a 3rd neutral person with you, which is able to translate the questions the Jugendamt emploee is going to ask. Partners are not entitled to translate to one another.

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