Sport During Pregnancy

A couple of weeks ago i had this conversation:

She: Can I continue doing sports,now that I am pregnant?

Me: Of course you can, what do you have in mind? What kind of sport do you do?

She: Beach volleyball

Me: Okay….mh….we need to talk.

I never thought the day would come where i have to tell an expecting mother that her choice of sport isn’t the right during her pregnancy.

For sports i would advice against the asked beach volleyball, sorry….but the blunt trauma you can cause with falling on your tummy, on purpose, maybe not so clever right now.

The Sporthochschule Köln,( which is a reliable German source, they take care of the German Fussball Nationalmannschaft ) state, that during early stages of pregnancy you should avoid high impact sports.Such as sports that involve violence,kicking and pushing.  Skiing and horseback riding not being your first choice,even though i have met pregnant ladies with their own horse who,understandable,couln’t resist getting on.The Further the Sporthochschule Köln advices against deep sea diving and being 2500m high about sea level.

Studies have shown,a pregnant lady, who is active, is not only more in tune with her body but has a way better coenesthesis and a lower depression rate after giving birth.The studies say active expectant mothers have less complications during pregnancy and birth.
They recommend being active as much as 60 minutes per day, 7 days a week.

With the Talk Test, the Sporthochschule Köln says, you are save.As long as you are able to talk, your puls isn’t too high and you are not straining yourself too much.

Why not try yoga, pilates, swimming,walking,and jogging if you have done so before and are happy and healthy to continue.

Sports in general are brilliant choices for strengthening your back,good for your metabolism, preventing gestational diabetes and relaxing you.

What sports do you do?

Mise le meas,



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