4 Questions For You And Thoughts On Going Home Straight After Giving Birth

If you are planning on going home straight after delivery or if you give birth at home/ at a birthing house,in my opinion one of the best things that are definitely worth a thought.

Then ask yourself these following questions:

  • Who is going to cook?
  • Who is going to clean?
  • Who is going to go food shopping?
  • Who is going to do the washing?

If your answer for only one of those question is: The new mamma, then I want to say please re think and maybe read following post: Das Wochenbett

So, who will look after the new mother and her baby?

  • The partnes might be doing the majority of work, i guess this is why we have Elternzeit
  • Maybe you have family that is nearby or can travel and help you
  • Maybe a professional cleaner
  • Friends who come and help and bring food around (meal train )
  • German supermarket chains offer delivery services,at least in berlin
  • Buy in bulk
  • Prepare food beforehand and freeze them



Sometimes it is just the awareness, if i know i wont be able to clean or cook it is totally okay,but if I presume I can and then realize I can not do an awful lot it might be far more frustrating.

The Germans have a word for going home straight after birth, they call it ambulante Geburt.

Lots of love & Go leor de ghrá,


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