What Can You Do If You Have Troubles Breastfeeding?

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My ideas:

  • Midwifes, of course, will assist you with breastfeeding. Have a chat about it while still pregnant
  • Some say start reading about while you are still pregnant
  • Even while still pregnant go and meet a breastfeeding support group, then it is not so akward turning up with a little baby
  • Or go to such a meeting when the baby has arrived
  • Most hospitals now have a breastfeeding specialist, who you can ask for if you have any issue
  • Breastfeed within the first hour after birth
  • Lots of bonding and skin to skin will help you and your baby
  • Stay in bed,we call it “Wochenbett” for a reason
  • Get a good breastfeeding pillow, because position your baby is so essentiell. ( ask for assistance before you purchase one)
  • Lactation consultants /Stillberaterinnen are specially trained, come to your home or work in there own praxis, you will have to pay for there consulation, but it is worth it, a 1-1 talk about your special needs and the babys of course
  • Some hospitals have brestfeeding ambulances


What helped you? What is missing in my list? I am looking forward from hearing your thoughts. 

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