• David Gosley says:

    Hi Katrin

    The Nevasic app – has been studied by the National Health Service in the UK and found to be very effective in reducing and eliminating symptoms of NVP.

    Nothing to swallow and no side effects. The National Childbirth Trust in the UK used to distribute the same program on a CD called MorningWell – but once it became an app a physical product wasn’t necessary any more.

    Best wishes

    • Dear Dave,
      thank you ver much for your comment and sharing this info with me. I had never, to this day, heard of this app. Very interesting read and of course I researched a little bit more. My only critic might be that it costs 16.99€ in my app store. I will look further into it.

      • David Gosley says:

        Hi Katrin,

        I can understand your sentiments on the cost – but you wouldn’t want to know what its cost to get the app to this point.

        What I can say is that mothers with their second and third child have benefited from the single purchase as the product lasts a lifetime unlike products consumed.

        Other mothers have found another use for the app in dealing with motion sickness (what it was originally designed for) so again the app can stay with a person for life helping with that too.

        The last clinical trial was with cancer patients and was a result that is driving the desire to form another clinical trial with cancer patients across the UK.

        When looking at a single cost of 16.99 Euros for life – how would this equate to 5 euros every couple of weeks on other remedies regularly consumed each time you need to deal with symptoms of nausea and vomiting?

      • of course 16.99€ is, if it works, not much money for most of us. I will keep this,your? app in mind and might recommend it to somebody where nothing else is working.

      • David Gosley says:

        Thanks very much – its all that can be asked…

        Best wishes

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