How To Survive Morning Sickness

OR Sickness throughout the day

I thought about all the poor women who suffer from morning sickness. Normally this happens during the first 3 months of your pregnancy. This again we can blame on the hormones that are keeping your pregnancy liable.
Some women just feel a little bit squeezy in the morning or throughout the day. Some feel it more in the evening times or before going to bed.
Other women feel so ill that they have to vomit on several occasions.

Woman who suffer from morning sickness have less miscarriages

We can have a „minutes’s silence“ now to all these poor ladies but this is not really going to help them, neither does the study that I read today that women who feel sick have less miscarriages.( remember the hormones that keep you pregnant make you feel sick ) I guess when you are vomitting your heart out you are not giving anything about a study. But again hormonally speaking, your body is on the right track.
This is our glass half full as I like to have it.
But practical, did I tell you that I love being practical? What can you do if you are one of these unlucky pregnant girls.

What can help you with morning sickness?

Or evening sickness, or sickness throughout the day?

  • eat while you are still in bed
  • ginger cookies, ginger might help you to relax your stomach
  • anything plain, crackers, plain biscuits
  • get out of bed very slowly
  • sit at the side of your bed for several minutes or as long as you need to
  • drink sweet, fizzy drinks. I know women who feel better after consuming coca cola or sprite
  • try to eat small but frequent meals
  • avoid fatty food
  • fresh air might help, I guess sitting in a stuffy bus or U Bahn wont help, if possible try to avoid.
  • wear a sea sickness wristband, available at pharmacies. It presses on a accupuncture point on your wrist that is known for its good effect on sea sickness, morning sickness or sickness of any kind
  • acupuncture, performed by a homeopath, midwife or doctor. Has to be done on a regular basis.
  • eat whatever you like and do not worry about what it is. As long as it stays down it has to be good
  • drink whatever makes you feel good, of course please no alcohol
  • if you feel you can’t go to work then go and see your gyni or your GP / Hausarzt. They can write you a sick note,
  • talk to your midwife, she might have ideas that I didn’t write down
  • your gynaecologist can prescribe you medication, if necessary.
  • if it gets so severe that no foods, no fluids stay down, then please go and see an ER, you should get checked out
  • the little baby you are carrying will be fine, in its little cocoon it will survive way worse, but please make sure that you feel better.

I wish that the morning sickness for you is not so severe or passes rather quickly. Many pregnant ladies feel better after the first 3 months, I hope you’re one of them. But yes, I have met ladies who felt sick troughout.

What helped you? What made you feel better? 

I am very excited to hear what worked for you.

Lots of love & Go leor de ghrá,