What are Midwifes In Germany trained to do?

Midwife in Berlin explains what Midwifes in Germany are trained to do

What is the midwife’s job?

  • A midwife in Germany is trained to care and look after a healthy pregnancy, i. e. offering antenatal care.
  • A law in Germany says that a midwife in Germany HAS to be present at a birth
  • and to look after you and the baby during the first 12 weeks after the baby is born

The job description of a midwife in Germany include:

Antenatal care during your pregnancy

– filling out your Mutterpass

– palpating and measuring  the growing belly

– feeling the top of the uterus, we call that fundus

– listening to baby’s heart beat

– checking for water retention and varicose veins

-messuring your blodpressure

-checking your urine

-blood tests if necessary

-sugar testing

-of course time to answer all your question

-the midwife can see you exclusively or you can alternate with your doctor visits

You can read here how the first visit with my midwife went.


As I mentioned during birth you will meet a staff midwife, have your own midwife  with you, either at home, in a birthing house or in a hospital.

She will be your primary care giver. A reason why out of hospital births are possible in Germany.  Doctors are only asked to step in as any complications might arise during labour.

At a home birth or birthing house many midwives call a second midwife for the actual birth, an extra pair of hands. In a hospital a midwife would call a doctor for this matter. These are just hospital guidelines.


the midwife will visit you in your own home

– the first 10 days she is allowed to see you every day, from day 10 on you have 16 visits or phone calls up to week 12.

Midwifes in Germany are trained to check you for:

– your overall health

– the uterus

– bleeding

– checking stitches and/ or scars

– giving tips and advice on breastfeeding and /or other types of feeding

– checking the baby’s weight

-checking the baby for jaundice

– bathing the baby with you the first time, if wanted

– answering all your questions

However, Please note!

My list ONLY applies if you are insured with a general, public German insurance. Check with your private insurance, it depends on your contract what they will cover and what not.

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