How To Ease Heartburn During Pregnancy

heartburn while you are pregnant

orange-214872_640Heartburn can be very painful

Whoever has experienced acid reflux during pregnancy will hopefully back me up in saying that it is not pleasant at all. Personally it gets me very agitated and all I can focus on then is this burning sensation which is rotting up my oesophagus.


Acid Reflux

What can YOU do to ease the heartburn pain?

  • play detective with the foods that do you good and not
  • do not eat too late before going to bed
  • rather small meals than huge portions
  • Drink milk when it occurs
  • or eat nuts, plain crackers
  • avoid fatty foods
  • stay basic;  unprocessed foods are the best
  • see if fizzy drinks, herbal tea help you or make it better or way worse
  • sleep upright or on your right side
  • make sure you are not wearing tight cloths, maybe your bra or pants are digging into you too much?
  • talk to your midwife and/ or doctor, there is medication if indicated

How do I survive the heartburn?

With my first pregnancy I did end up taking medication for it because nothing else seemed to work. The major problem in retrospective was that I was graving carbohydrates so much. And exactly this type of food I do not touch now and it makes the heartburn a lot more bearable.


This means no pasta or white bread for me, acidy fruits like oranges, grapes, spices, garlic,actually very boring, plain food, no sweets, no chocolates is the best for me.

Actually a very healthy diet. And my body is longing for it. What a coincidence.

What did you help and ease the reflux pain?

Lots of love & Go leor de ghrá,


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