Blood And Urine Testing During Pregnancy

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Following tests are taken during your pregnancy

Blood group

  • is detected of every pregnant woman

Rh factor

  • testing your Rh is important to identify if you are RH positive or negative.
  • you being Rh negativ and baby being Rh positiv could lead to complications with additional pregnancies. Not with the current one.
  • In this case of you being Rh negativ around the 28th week of your pregnancy a Anti D is given to you.

Antibody screening

  • is to determine if your blood contains antibodies against antigenes from alien red blood cells or if irregular antibodies are existing.

Röteln – Rubella/ german measles

  • is tested to determine your rubella status.
  • If you went through a rubella infection or if you were vaccinated this is visible with the stat numbers.
  • catching rubella during your early pregnancy stages can lead to severe deformities and abortions.

Chlamydien – Chlamydia

  • is a STD a sexual transmitted disisea, caused mainly by a bacteria called chlamydia trachomatis and is transmitted by having unprotected intercourse
  • while pregnant a chlamydia infection can cause preterm labour, preterm rupture of the membranes and abortions.
  • During birth babies can get contaminated by chlamydia and develop eye infections and pneumonia.
  • is tested via an urin sample
  • is treated with antibiotics. ( And make sure your partner is treated too.)

LSR – Lues

  • which is also a STD, Syphilis.
  • you are either tested positiv or negativ.
  • your Mutterpass will only state if the test was done or not.
  • Syphilis can lead to preterm labour or abortions.
  • babies are born with syphilis and develop other severe difficulties later
  •  is treated with antibiotics.


  • can be tested, only with your consent and not marked as positiv or negative. Just as carried out

Hepatitis B

  • tested towards the end of your pregnancy
  • if positiv tested, your baby will be immunised after birth

Hb – Hämoglobin

  • your iron level, you could say
  • is regularly tested
  • a low iron level can cause fatigue, exhaustion and sensitivity to colds / flus

Additional blood work that is not covered by a general insurance

Toxoplasmose- Toxoplasmosis

  • is transmitted via cat droppings,  ( you have a cat and clean her litter box, you eat salat, vegetables that have not been washed )
  • it is checked at the beginning, in the middle and towards the end of your pregnancy
  • catching a new toxoplasmosis infection during the early stages of your pregnancy can lead to severe damages

Zytomegalie – Cytomegalic inclusion disease ( CMV )

  • is a herpes virus and can cause severe damages with a fresh infection during your early stages of pregnancy

Parvo B 19

  • is the pathogen of the fifth disease / Ringelröteln / Erythema infectiosum
  • can cause anaemia, and more severe illnesses in diverse organs

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