Mutterpass 2 -an English Translation

Mutterpass explained in english
As my first Mutterpass blog post explains the basics of the german Mutterpass, this post will focus on page 2 and 3 and we are going to get straight into it.

This is how they look:

Mutterpass page 2 explained in english

On the top left you will find

  • your name and address, and maybe your changed address or name  ( in case you get married/ divorced during your pregnancy )
  •  and then all the important blood work ( these are covered by your general public insurance )
  • they where taken from you at the very start.
Pregnancy blood results explained
I will translate and explain here on a separate page I have created, why they are taken and what they mean.

But I can translate them anyhow

  • Blutgruppe: Blood group
  • Antikörper Suchtest: Antibody screening
  • Rötel Immunität: German measles, rubella
  • Chlamydien: Chlamydia, is tested via urine sample
  • LSR / Lues: Syphilis
  • Röteln Kontrolle: Rubella check if indicated
  • HbsAg: Hepatitis B

This blood work might be taken too,

  • HIV ( it will say HIV tested )
  • HB – Hämoglobin
 Mutterpass in pregnancy page 3 explained
You will be asked if you want the status of following:
NOTE, not covered by general insurance
  • Toxoplasmosis
  • Parvo B 19
  • Cytomegalie
additional page with pregnancy history in Mutterpass

Mutterpass 2 -an English Translation focuses on your blood work

This page is divided into 2 sections


Leaves room for further notes regarding all your other pregnancies in the past. Abortions, interruptions, extrauterine pregnancies.

2. Bottom

Is marked as counseling of the pregnant woman

a.) Nutrition ( iodine) medication, stimulants

b.) Occupation, sport, travel

c.) Counseling

d.) Birth prepereration / pregnancy exercises

e.) Early cancer diagnosis

f. ) HIV antibody screening, HIV test perfomed yes or no

g.) regarding dental health

This concludes the Mutterpass 2 -an English Translation,

At this stage it makes total sense to start searching for a midwife and thinking about where you want to give birth.

How to find a midwife in Berlin

To continue with the Mutterpass:

Lots of love & Go leor de ghrá,


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