• Denitsa says:

    Wooow, Thank you very much for translating it 😉

  • Swathi says:

    Indeed very helpful. Thank you!

  • MSandhu says:

    It is really helpful. What does CHD means? I have found on my ultrasound report.

  • Rubina says:

    Hello. Thank you so much for translating Mupa. I have a question if you answer me i’ll be thnkfull.
    In my 2nd screening the answers are as following
    Unregelmäßigkeiten der dorsalen Hautkontur: Ja
    Darstellbarkeit des kleinhirns: nein
    Auffälligkeiten der Kopfform: Ja
    Are these ok or anything to worry about??? Plz guide me i’m worried because in my first pregnancy all answers were the opposite of these and i’m worried now🙁

    • midwifeinberlin says:

      Dear Rubina,
      did the DR. speak to you abou the scann? It doesn‘t sound like it. So I would think somebody maybe ticked boxes wrong?Sometimes they can‘t see the Kleinhirn in detail. But of course I do not know.
      Did your Dr. do the test or where did you go?
      Please Call the office and ask them, then that will put you as ease.
      Kind regards,
      and I hope that was some help.

      • Rubina says:

        First of all Thank you soooo much for helping me😘
        No the Dr. didn’t told me anything like that, she said that every thing is fine and she didn’t do any special test it was a normal monthly checkup scann. I go to my regular checkup clinic where i go every month( not reffered to any other special place).
        It’s such a big help for me, now i can sleep peacefully otherwise throughout the day i was worried about my baby.❤

      • midwifeinberlin says:

        Dear Rubina,
        as this is no online consultation I‘d really highly recommend getting in contact with your Dr. and inquire about the Scann details. As I haven‘t seen them. I hope you understand.
        Kind regards,

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