Mutterpass 5 – Ultrasound Examinations During Your Pregnancy

During your pregnancy the ultrasounds of your baby are documented

  • The general German insurance covers the costs for 3 ultrasounds, if you have a straight forward pregnancy. (I do not want to use the word “normal”.)
  • Of course may there be difficulties, the insurance will take care of more needed ultrasounds.
  • A doctor performing an ultrasound at every visit of yours -just for fun- is not covered, make sure there are no hidden costs involved.
  • The Mutterpass now has room to note the 3 ( covered ) examinations. But do not worry, a 4th and or 5th, 6th examination is easily added.
Ultraschall Examination explained in Mutterpass

Ultrasound examinations are recorded in your Mutterpass

I will start explaining going from top left to right.
  • Datum: Date
  • SSW ( LR ): Week of pregnancy calculated after your last period
  • SSW korrigiert:Week of pregnancy adjusted

1. Screening 8+0 until 11+6 weeks

Erstes Screening im Mutterpass explained in english

 I will translate for you what is is checked.

  • Intrauteriner Sitz: Is embryo sitting in the uterus?
  • Embryo darstellbar: Embryo visible?
  • Herzaktion: Heart beating?
  • Mehrlinge: Multiples
  • Monochorial: Multiples sitting in just one sack of membranes
  • Auffälligkeiten: Abnormalities

Continuing on the right side of the page

  • Zeitgerechte Entwicklung : Timely development
  • Konsiliaruntersuchung veranlasst : Check up recommended oder examination arranged for

The Examiner has the possibility to thick off every question with YES or NO.

Following measurements are taken

  • FS ( Fruchtsack -Durchmesser der Fruchthöhle ):  Diameter amniotic cavity
  • SSL Scheitel Steiß Länge: Crown: Rump-length
  • BPD Biparietaler Durchmesser: Biparietal diameter ( Head diameter )

2. Screening 18+0 week until 21+6 week

2.Screening during pregnancy

This second screening is called Feindiagnostik or großer Ultraschall

Not every praxis / doctor offers/ performs this ultrasound. Meaning you might be told to see a specialist for this appointment.

a. Again all answered with yes or no

  • Einling: Singleton
  • Mehrlinge: Multiples
  • Herzaktion: Heart beating
  • Plazenta Struktur: Placenta structure
  • Zeitgerechte Entwicklung: Timely development

b. Kopf- Head

  • Auffälligkeiten: Abnormalities
  • Auffälligkeiten der Kopfform: Head shape abnormalities
  • Darstellbarkeit des Kleinhirns: Presentability of cerebellum

Hals und Rücken: Neck and spine

  • Unregelmäßigkeiten der dorsalen Hautkontur: Skin contours abnormalities at the back, ( Sign for Spina Bifida )


  • Auffällige Herz-Thorax Relation ( Blickdiagnose ): Abnormality in heart-thorax relation ( visual diagnosis )
  • Linksseitige Herzposition: Sinistral heart position
  • Persistierende Arrhythmie im Untersuchungszeitraum: During examination persistent irregular heartbeat
  • Darstellbarkeit des Vier Kammer Blicks:  4 chambers presentability, Heart visible with all 4 chambers

Rumpf- Torso

  • Konturunterbrechung an der vorderen Bauchwand: Skin contour abdominally in the abdominal wall ( organs might be growing outside )
  • Darstellbarkeit des Magens im linken Oberbauch: Stomach presentable in left epigastrium ( upper abdomen )
  • Darstellbarkeit der Harnblase – presentability bladder

Following measurements are taken

  • BPD Biparietaler Durchmesser:  Biparietal diameter
  • FOD/KU Kopfumfang: Head circumference
  • APD/AU Bauchumfang: Abdomen circumference
  • FL Femurlänge: Thigh bone length
  • Fruchtwassermenge: Amniotic fluid index
  • körperliche Entwicklung: Bodily development
  • Konsiliaruntersuchung veranlasst : Check up recommended oder examination arranged

3. Screening 28+0 until 31+6 week

3 Screening during pregnancy explained
  • Einling: Singleton
  • Kindslage: Fetal presentation
  • Herzaktion- Heart beating
  • Plazenta Struktur – Placenta structure
  • Zeitgerechte Entwicklung: Timely development
  • Fruchtwassermenge: Amniotic fluid index
  • Körperliche Entwicklung: Bodily development

Following measurements are taken

  • BPD Biparietaler Durchmesser: Biparietal diameter
  • FOD/KU Kopfumfang: Head circumference
  • APD/AU Bauchumfang: Abdomen circumference
  • FL Femurlänge: Thigh bone length
I will skip the next 3 pages and will continue with my last part, named the Final Examination.

Lots of love & Go leor de ghrá, 

Signatur from Midwife Katrin O'Malley

20 thoughts

  1. Hello. Thank you so much for translating Mupa. I have a question if you answer me i’ll be thnkfull.
    In my 2nd screening the answers are as following
    Unregelmäßigkeiten der dorsalen Hautkontur: Ja
    Darstellbarkeit des kleinhirns: nein
    Auffälligkeiten der Kopfform: Ja
    Are these ok or anything to worry about??? Plz guide me i’m worried because in my first pregnancy all answers were the opposite of these and i’m worried now🙁

    1. Dear Rubina,
      did the DR. speak to you abou the scann? It doesn‘t sound like it. So I would think somebody maybe ticked boxes wrong?Sometimes they can‘t see the Kleinhirn in detail. But of course I do not know.
      Did your Dr. do the test or where did you go?
      Please Call the office and ask them, then that will put you as ease.
      Kind regards,
      and I hope that was some help.

      1. First of all Thank you soooo much for helping me😘
        No the Dr. didn’t told me anything like that, she said that every thing is fine and she didn’t do any special test it was a normal monthly checkup scann. I go to my regular checkup clinic where i go every month( not reffered to any other special place).
        It’s such a big help for me, now i can sleep peacefully otherwise throughout the day i was worried about my baby.❤

      2. Dear Rubina,
        as this is no online consultation I‘d really highly recommend getting in contact with your Dr. and inquire about the Scann details. As I haven‘t seen them. I hope you understand.
        Kind regards,

  2. Hi Katrin,
    I was wondering if you could recommend any english speaking ultrasound/sonogram clinics in Berlin? My gynaecologist told me that I would need an ultrasound from a specialist clinic in week 14 and 22 to determine if my baby has any abnormalities. I figured this was something they could do, but it seems I need to go somewhere specific??I’ve searched online and it’s hard to know if clinics specialise in ultrasounds for pregnancy 🙁
    As you can tell this is my first! Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

    1. Dear Jessica,
      how are you doing tonight?Congratulations on your pregnancy.
      Yes, it is hard to know what each DR. offers. Some have the training to work with the best Ultrasound machines others don‘t. So that is why you will get the reveral.
      The place to go to is:
      If they are booked up check out:

      There are different Doctors in each Praxis, meaning some have brillant english others maybe not so much. l’ d let them know that you are english speaking. Should not be any issue then.
      I hope that was some help to you.
      Stay save,

      1. Hi Katrin,
        This is SO helpful!! Now that you’ve shown me these I also know to search for “Praxis für Pränataldiagnostik” and have found a couple others too. Thank you so much!

  3. Hi Katrin. Your page is very helpful.
    I have a question. My gynecologist requested to do the 2nd trimester USG. But up until now I do not have any mutterpass. This is because my insurance hasn’t yet covered for pregnancy until Desember. My gynecologist also said it’s okay to wait until I got fully covered. So for every visit I only do the USg check, blood pressure, and so on without any blood test. But since my gynecologist asked to visit a hospital do to the 2nd trimester USG, I am a bit worried with this mutterpass issue. Can I still do this without a mutterpass?. Do you have any information?.

    1. hello and thank you for asking me. I‘d say it is very okay to go to the hospital without a Mutterpass.The hosiptals won‘t need the Mutterpass but will ask and that is oaky. Do not worry about it too much but I am asking me what the insurance has to do with a Mutterpass? Is the Gyn not giving you one because you had no blood samples taken? Do you have a midwife? We are entitelt to give you a Mutterpass too.

  4. I think so. She did not give probably because of that. No, I do not have a midwife. However, I decided to ask my gynaecologist by email tonight wether its possible to have a mutter pass with only all the USG checks, blood pressure checks we had so far, and give her my insurance card. Do I also need to have a referral to be able to do the USG 2. trimenon in the hospital?. Is it actually entitled to have ‘full’ record of the blood tests in a mutter pass? is it actually ok to just include USG checks, blood pressure records, weights only?. Thank you so much for helping :).

    1. If you are planning on giving birth in germany and will have a german insurance soon, in my opinion you are entitelt to have a Mutterpass.The german GYN do not like to give you one before you are maybe 12-14 weeks but that is all.
      Yes you will need a referal for the US at the hispital. The Gyn should give that to you. And maybe, if you haven‘t done so start searching for a midwife. All the best,m it will just work out fine

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