Mutterpass 3 – and Your Medical History

Mutterpass , medical history explained

Midwife in Berlin and her English translation of the German Mutterpass

This part of your Mutterpass focuses on your medical history. 
If you missed Mutterpass 1  and Mutterpass 2, here you go. 

I hope your midwife or your DR. will go through your Mutterpass and your medical history with you.

Additional I will help you translate and explain.

Starting with the left side of the double page

medical history translated and in detail

At the top you will find space

  • for your current age,
  • weight before pregnancy
  • and your height,
  • the times you were pregnant ( Gravida )
  • and how many times you gave birth before. ( Para )

Your Mutterpass an English translation continues with : 

A. Medical history and overall findings / taken at your first visit:
  1. Family history as diabetes, high blood pressure, genetic and psych. dispositions.
  2. Your own personal medical history regarding heart, lung and liver, kidneys, central nervous system and psych.
  3. Bleeding and /or thrombosis history
  4. Allergies,
  5. Past blood transfusions
  6. Special psych. challenges ( within the family or at work )
  7. Special social challenges ( monetary issues, integration issues )
  8. Rhesus incompatability ( during previous pregnancies )
  9. Diabetes
  10. Adipositas
  11. Microsomia
  12. Skeleton abnormalities
  13. Pregnant under 18 years of age
  14. Pregnant over 35 years of age
  15. More than 4 kids
  16. Condition after fertility treatment
  17. Status / condition after preterm labour  before your 37th week
  18. Status / condition after small- for- date- baby
  19. Status / condition after 2 or more abortions / interruptions
  20. Dead or injured child in medical history
  21. Complications after previous births
  22. Complications postpartum
  23. Status after cesarean section
  24. Status after any uterus operations
  25. Back to back pregnancy ( under 1 year )
  26. Other anomalities

All questions are answered with yes or no.

The right hand side states:

page 6 of the Muterpass translated

B. Special findings during progressing pregnancy

27. General health issues that require treatment
28. Long term medication
29. Smoking – abusus
30. Special mental stress
31. Special social stress
32. Vaginal bleeding occurring before your 28th week of pregnancy
33. Vaginal bleedings after 28th weeks of pregnancy
34. Placenta praevia ( is a placenta that sits very low, in front your cervix to be precise and blocks the way for the baby to be born vaginaly )
35. Multiple pregnancy
36. Hydramnion, not enough amniotic fluid around the baby
37. Oligohydramnion , too much amniotic fluid
38. Due Date discrepancies
39. Placenta insufficiency
40. Cervical insufficiancy
41. Preterm contractions /labour
42. Anemia,
43. UTIs, Urinary Tract Infections
44. Indirect Cooms test positiv ( blood group incompatibility from pregnant and unborn )
45. Risk regarding other blood findings
46. High Blood pressure ( over 140/90)
47. Protein sediment
48. Moderate or heavy oedema (water retention in your body)
49. Low blood pressure
50. Gestational diabetes  ( diabetes which is pregnancy related )
51. Presentation abnormality
52. Other specifics
The EDD calculated and in detail

A little paragraph about your Expected Due Date

How your Expected Due Date was calculated.
  • How long was your cycle before you became pregnant.
  • Last period
  • Day of conception ( if known )
  • When did you note this pregnancy
  • THE Expected Due Date
  • Changed Expected Due Date
Puh, that is enough for today. Don’t you find?
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Lots of love & Go leor de ghrá,

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