The Mutterpass An English Translation Part 1

Midwife in Berlin and my 6 part English translation of the German Mutterpass

And again, it shall all begin with a word there is no real translation for in the English language. We have started using the German word, even though speaking English like with the Wochenbett. I took the time and sat down to write an English translation of your Mutterpass.

Midwife in Berlin and translation of the German Mutterpass into English

What is the Mutterpass?

The Mutterpass in the end is a little booklet where all your pregnancy significant findings are listed consecutively. The idea is, whoever you see, wherever you go during your pregnancy, midwife, birthing house, doctor, hospital, they have all the important information in this little booklet.

Midwives and Doctors can fill out your Mutterpass. As your antenatal care can be done by midwife, doctor and or both nobody can forbid the other profession to note their findings.

If you faint in the S- Bahn, have a car accident, your pregnancy status is visible in the Mutterpass.

And this works for the Germans since 1961.

Let me walk you through the Mutterpass which could be named pregnancy findings pass too.

Once your pregnancy is confirmed the midwife or the doctor will start filling out your own Mutterpass.

This is normal cojointed with taking the first blood samples from you.  (All about the blood work you can find here ).

It is in the eye of the beholder when you should be handed your Mutterpass. I know of the idea of not giving out the pass too early, just in case you have a unforeseen complications within the first 12 weeks.

Let us begin with the Mutterpass an english translation

the mutterpass an English translation

The front page usually just says your name .

Opening the Mutterpass you will find

The first page of a german Mutterpass

It’s like a dog peeing to mark its territory, if you don’t mind me saying this. Sometimes I felt that way.

This first page contains:

  • room for all the important contacts
  • midwife
  • gyn
  • hospital
  • birthing house
  • ither handwrite or have a stamp for their contact details or emergency numbers.

And below is a section for keeping track of all your appointments.

all your Mutterpass appointments

We have only started this journey of the Mutterpass an english translation goes blog post.

I will dedicate one blog post to one page or one double page of the Mutterpass.

 2nd Part of the Mutterpass 

Medical history 

Part 4 


 The Final

Lots of love & Go leor de ghrá,


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