Mutterpass 4 – Or The Heart

Mutterpass, Gravidogramm explained
After all the pages of history, names and what not these two pages are the so called heart of your Mutterpass.
All findings of your antenatal examinations are noted here.
We can call this prenatal findings or


Gravidogramm explained in english
Above there is room
  • “In der Entbindungsklinik vorgestellt” means: when your booking appointment in hospital was ( of course only if you have one. )
Below you can see rows marked with 1 to 14 ,
and then lines going from left to right.
Gravidogramm in detail

What does it all mean

  • Datum : date you are having this examination performed
  • Schwangerschaftswoche : your current week of your pregnancy
  • SSW ggf. Korr. : if necessary your coreccted week of pregnancy
  • Fundusstand: fundal- symphysis height
  • Kindslage: how the baby is lying at this examination
  • Herztöne: heartbeat of the baby
  • Kindsbewegungen: baby’s kicks
  • Ödeme: oedema / water retention
  • Varicoses : varicosis veins
  • Gewicht : weight
  • RR: blood pressure
  • HB : Hämoglobin level

Second page of the Gravidogramm explained

Your Urin test:

  • Protein
  • Sugar
  • Nitrit
  • Blood
  • Vaginale Untersuchung: vaginal examinations, not necessary performed every time or actually ever , stays blank or is used as space to note down other findings
  • Sonstiges / Therapie / Maßnahmen : Others / therapy /procedure more room regarding medical treatment

An additional folder page gives room

  • for additional information
  • “Stationäre Behandlung während der Schangerschaft” : if you have been hospitalized during your pregnancy
  • “Cardiotokoghraphische Befunde”: Findings regarding a performed CTG     (monitoring of the baby heart beat )

As they are not mandatory, this page stays blank or I have seen the CTG findings noted on other  pages.

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Lots of love & Go leor de ghrá,

Signatur from Midwife Katrin O'Malley

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