Changing Table Options

changing table options

Midwife in Berlin and TOW the Changing Table

One of these “silly” little questions that need to be answered. Where are we going to change the baby?

Do we need a changing table? I am asked this question in my English Birth preparation weekend.

Let us discuss options that don’t kill your back posture.

Option 1

You purchase or build a changing table. Pinterest gives you some great ideas on how to build one yourself. Or check eBay Kleinanzeigen for second hand options.

As an example a changing table can include following:

  • the hight is good for your back
  • a padded mat- changing mat or towels where the baby is comfortable lying on
  • save for the baby
  • warm environment or place for a heating lamp
  • change of cloths near by
  • enough light for you to see
  • a bin/ container for the dirty diapers
A big enough changing table is a good choice. You will change nappies for longer than a year, keep that in mind.


  • in any room
  • over a chest of drawers
  • using the washing machine
  • over the bathtub

Criteria the room should have:

  • warm enough for night times and winter
  • water access – as in cleaning baby’s nappy area and or for bath time
  • storage possibilities for dirty diapers ( very important with cloth diaper options)

Option 2 

Change the baby wherever you are. I have seen woman changing baby’s on their lap. You maybe have a basket/container that holds your diapers, wipes and maybe a set of clothes and towel (to place underneath the baby)

Now bring this container wherever you are most with the baby and change the baby on the spot

  • sofa
  • bed
  • floor
Changing table Options with Midwife in Berlin

There are many ways in changing your baby, important is that you stay flexible. If you have the chance, I’m a big fan of having the changing facility in the bathroom. It’s warm, water is easy available and the stinky nappies are okay to be there for a little bit. The Cantienica Teacher in me wants to tell you, you are allowed to watch out for yourself. Make it back friendly, wherever you change your baby.

Lots of love & Go leor de ghrá,

Signatur from Midwife in Berlin Katrin O'Malley

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