8 Tips For Healing a Sutured Tear 

8 tips for healing a sutured tear

The following 8 tips for healing a sutured tear will hopefully make you feel better very soon.

If you had a vaginal and or perineal tear or an episiotomy,

you will feel the stitches after.

1. Have a sitting bath

German hospitals might tell you bathing is not good for you.Once you’re at home your midwife will tell you to take sitting baths

Who is right? 

An old wise tail tells us the bleeding that is happening after you give birth is infectious, do you believe me, it sound so silly, doesn’t it. 

We know that it isn’t the case but somehow doctors and midwifes in Germany are still teached this myth.

How to do a sitting bath?

In warm, not to warm water, without adding anything. In my opinion just plain water is enough, fantastic. Sit in the water for about 10-20 mins. You can have a sitting bath once to twice a day. 

Some midwifes like adding Tanolact, Eichenrinde ( oak bark ) which you can purchase in your pharmacy. As well available in a pharmacy is a stittingbath for after birth from Ingeborg Stadelmann. 

In my opinion teetreaoil is too strong for a vaginal insuries but I am aware that many colleagues suggest salt and teetreaoil / Teebaumöl. 

2. Ly down, avoid sitting

The more you rest, the better the sutures can heal ( and you belong into bed anyway, I am just saying )

3. Pee underneath the shower

Or place a jug/ cup beside the WC. Fill it with lukewarm water while you are peeing. Urine can be very acidy and sting, water will delude the pee. 

4. Use a cool pack on the sutured are

Please never directly on the tear,  (danger of ice burn )

Idea: fill a condom with water, pack it in the freezer and use it as a cool pack

5.Use sanitary pads, no tampons

Nothing more to say.

6. Drink plenty to get a softer bowl movement

Tip 6 of 8 tips on healing a sutured tear has nothing directly to do with the stitches but most woman are terrified after birth. Afraid of the first bowl movement after, afraid that the sutures might open once the bowl movement is necessary. Be assured this can not happen. But for a better feeling and a feast for your brain.Drink plenty and you do not need to worry so much.

7. Check the stitches yourself

Or ask the midwife to check them for you. Use a mirror. Most woman who do check their stitches themselves find them way smaller then they imagined. Our brain is playing tricks with us

8. Ask the midwife to open the stitches

After  5-7 days you more likely feel the ends of the sutures stinging and more uncomfortable as you might be getting more mobile. This is the time, if she hasn’t checked them anyway, to ask your midwife to take a look at the stitches and after this time it is very save to take stitches out. You will feel the difference. 

BUT if you are unsure, get fever, have massive pain from the sutured area contact your midwife or your obstetrician immediately.

Are there any tips on healing a sutured tear I missed and that saved your life? Write them in the comments for the world to see.

On Pinterest you can find a roundup of this post 8 tips on healing a sutured tear too.

Lots of love & Go leor de ghrá,

Signatur from Midwife in Berlin Katrin O'Malley

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