Postnatal Cantienica

Midwife in Berlin explains the CANTIENICA® Method

The CANTIENICA® Method was developed by Benita Cantieni in 1997. She continuously developes and integrates new insights and experiences into the CANTIENICA® Method so this body work is up-to-date and in a steady flow.

Now over 2000 Therapist and Body workers work with this concept to correct all kinds of postural problems. 

Imagine your body like a shelf. Your feet work like a foundation, your pelvis which is the middle part of the shelf and your chest and head as the top part. 

So, if one of these layers is not correctly aligned the hole shelf has no stability. I think who ever has put up a IKEA shelf knows what I am talking about. 

Because your body works the same way, you will get aches and pain if you are not correctly aligned.

Your pelvic floor plays a huge role in all of this too.

After pregnancy and birth the stability of your pelvic floor is often gone.

And short nights, no sleep, heavy boobs from breast-feeding, walking with a pram or with the baby in the sling. Your posture was maybe better some other time. And I’m not even talking about the leaking while sneezing and coughing.

And this is where the CANTIENICA® Method comes in and why I became a Cantienica teacher.

Firstly, I find it straightens and strengthens you and all your muscles, ligaments and bones. Secondly, you will feel more confident and stronger.

And thirdly, It’s a challenging body work but fun.

It’s fantastic to see and feel the change.

I want to say I promise, but for that, you have to come and join a class to see for yourself.

This is the way to sign up to a CANTIENICA® Method class.

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