How To Find A Midwife in Berlin?

How to find a midwife in Berlin

Midwife in Berlin on finding a midwife in Berlin

The test has just shown you are pregnant. Congratulations. And then you hear that you should contact and snatch yourself a midwife?Immediately, no actually yesterday. 

On on hand that has to do with the role of the midwife in Germany.Her ability to look after you medically, if your little pregnancy decides not to stay. And on the other hand with the shortage of midwifes and the possibility of all midwifes being fully booked if you leave it too late. 

I know woman call midwifes being 5 weeks pregnant and feeling pretty silly. But in the end they have the choice and can put their mind a ease and focus on other things.

So, do start your search as early as possible and even though somebody might say you have, you do not. Just AFTER you peed on the stick, told your partner, then. Then it is time to get active with your search.

My list on how to find a Midwife in Berlin

  • There is a Facebook group called Hebammenvermittlung Berlin, I find this group very effective, and there is an equivalent for other German cities too
  • In my opinion every printed list you have is outdated or at least not accurate.Searching for a midwife online is maybe more effective. A simply google search of your neighborhood. 
  • Search via friends and family if possible, colleagues and maybe even neighbors.
  • Contact Hebammenpraxen, Geburtshäuser, the midwifes there will offer care. 
  • Ask at the birthing place of your choice, the hospitals have lists of midwifes that will offer Wochenbett visits. 
  • Another search option is Ammely a cooperation between the Deutsche Hebammenverband an an pregnancy APP. 

My top tip:

  • Contact the midwife personally via phone.As midwifes work more away from their desk, emails and text messages might get simply forgotten.
  • If you haven’t been lucky, call your insurance and tell them that you can’t find a midwife. They can not help you but they are, in my opinion, responsible for this mess
  • sign this

Now I wish you good luck on your search. 

Go leor de ghrá,





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  1. Thanks for sharing it here. Good post.

    1. midwifeinberlin Avatar

      I hope you could find what you where looking for.

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